March 8, 2017


How fast can you get my shipment prepped and shipped off to Amazon?

Depending on size and delivery time within 24 hours, however, if your shipment is delivered early morning we will try to get some or all of it shipped out the very same day with a late pick up from UPS.

Do you accept shipments from overseas?

We will accept any shipment overseas as long as all the requirements are met by US customs. You would have to cover all fees for getting your products to us.

Can I store my products with you?

We can store your products for a low monthly rate.

Can you ship my products to marketplaces other than Amazon?

We can ship to anywhere you would like your items to go in the US.

Do you ship worldwide?

We only ship in the US at this time.

Can I have a delivery delivered over the weekend?

Absolutely, just call with the details of the delivery time and we will have someone accept the order in.

To start with us, please email or call as we will need you to do the following:

Address all shipments in your name
Send shipping plans and labels in PDF format. Once prepped we will email you with the box dimensions.
We will then send you the invoice once prepped